BMC Centro Houston

Sombrero Hoodies

Sombrero Hoodies
Coming soon

Full patch Bandido 1%ERs ONLY. You WILL have to be verified. Read the entire description.

Brothers, if you missed out on these, you're in luck!

We're doing another round of these now!!!

This is a PRE SALE, these will begin shipping in a couple of weeks.

Get in now, who knows if we'll be doing these ever again!

Email [email protected] for verification.

***Any orders that are made that are not able to own this will be canceled and you WILL FORFEIT THE FUNDS AS A DONATION. You MUST BE A FULL PATCH BANDIDO TO OWN THIS, HOWEVER IF YOU'RE GIFTING THIS TO YOUR FAVORITE BANDIDO, you MAY purchase this after we've verified that it will be SHIPPING FROM US TO HIM***

Just email us, we're willing to work with ya.